Consulting Services

Dominican Republic consulting services of the highest standards is our main goal.

Our attorneys and consultants provide specialized consulting services in their areas of expertise, both legal and non-legal managed services.

For example, large-scale cases or projects can require to cooperate in project teams where we cooperate as local counsel and consultants with competent partners from the respective areas.

Our consulting services allow your in-house legal department to work faster and smarter as we provide our experience, process innovations and technology for better results against competitors, by reviewing your current legal operations and situations and collaborating with in-house counsel to find solutions that match your priorities and objectives.

Finally, in the case of small and medium-sized companies without legal departments, we can serve as your external legal department, by reacting immediately with proposals for solving your legal problems and preparing you for negotiations.

When you work with us your business benefits as we focus on providing highest standards legal services, bringing experience, technology, and process innovations for lasting solutions.

Our Support Area in Consulting

  • Consulting services
  • Implementation services
  • Legal operations transformation
  • Legal & business process outsourcing
  • Knowledge management
  • Managed services
  • Performance assessment
  • Risk management
  • Problem-solving studies
  • Outsourcing of legal work
  • Solution design
  • Virtual general counsel

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