Technology Procurement

Our  Firm provides a complete range of procurement-related legal services on Technology & IT public procurement opportunities, including E-commerce and technology outsourcing, performing legal due diligence and research, bid legal requirements preparation, drafting requisite agreements, developing compliance processes and obtaining required licenses and authorizations.

Our skilled and experienced legal team will represent you throughout the procurement and contracting stages and ensure that your business interests are protected throughout the procurement process, including potential litigation. Our team represents clients at all levels of courts, including the Supreme Court and tribunals of the Dominican Republic.

Our Support Area in Technology Procurement

  • Government supplier registration
  • Legal due diligence and research
  • Bid legal requirements advisory
  • Drafting requisite agreements
  • Developing compliance processes
  • Obtaining licenses and authorizations
  • Legal representation in procurement and contracting stages
  • Legal representation in bid protests & litigation

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