Dominican Customs Register of Intellectual Property

The Register of Owners of Intellectual Property Rights of the Dominican General Customs Administration (DGA) was created under Resolution 01-2010 of August 4, 2010, whose purpose is to facilitate the inspection works and withholding of merchandize during customs transit affected by a presumption of violation to the intellectual property rights.

Such register permits the streamlining of such measures at the border and optimizes the protection of intellectual property rights owners provided in Chapter XV of the Free Trade Agreement between the United States of America, Central America and the Dominican Republic (DR-CAFTA).

The registration in the Owners Registry is open to owners of intellectual property rights registered in the Dominican Industrial Property Office (ONAPI) and the National Copyrights Office (ONDA), as well as to licensees of owners (by permission of the rights’ owner) and has a validity of two (2) years renewable. In case of not having a certificate of registration of the works before the ONDA, the Intellectual Property rights owner shall present sufficient proof that allow for the verification of the ownership of such rights.

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