Private International Law 544-14

On October 15th of 2014, the Executive Branch enacted Law 544-14 of Private International Law of the Dominican Republic, which is now considered one of the most advanced references in the Caribbean.

The objective of Law 544-14 is to regulate the private international relationships of a civil and commercial character in the Dominican Republic, in particular those related to the extension and the limits of jurisdiction of the Dominican Republic in cross border disputes; the determination of the applicable law to such disputes; and the conditions for the recognition and execution of foreign rulings and resolutions.

Law 544-14 of Private International Law complements the Dominican Republic legal framework and economic model based on the development of foreign investments, international free trade, and flows of persons in the tourism sector, granting another level of legal security and certainty to the conflicts of laws that may arise as a result of the activities of investors, international businesses and foreign individuals in the Dominican Republic.


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