Renewable Energy incentives in Dominican Republic

Renewable Energy incentives in Dominican Republic are instituted under Law 57-07 of May 7, 2007, which grants companies that undertake the production of renewable energy in Dominican Republic (“DR”) territory and who invest in renewable energy production projects with several tax and customs incentives, including:

a) 100% exemption from import duties for equipment, machinery and accessories necessary for the production of energy or renewable sources, including equipment for transmission, transformation and interconnection.

b) 100% exemption from the sales tax (“VAT” or “ITBIS”) for the above-mentioned equipments, and all final sales tax.

c) 100% exemption from income tax for up to a period of ten (10) years from the beginning of operations (with a cap until year 2020).

The National Energy Commission (“Comisión Nacional de Energía”) is the regulatory agency in charge of the application of Law 57-07, and is empowered to evaluate and approve all requests for application of incentives under this Law.


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