Due Diligence Services

Dominican Due Diligence Services

Dominican Republic legal services of the highest standards is our main goal.

In addition to our general law practice, our attorneys provide specialized due diligence services in their areas of expertise, which may be independent or used to complement our general law practice and our specialized services.

Each due diligence process begins with an investigation into the due diligence scope of work agreed with our attorneys and concludes with a due diligence report of findings.

Our Support in Due Diligence Services

  • A companies register and history
  • Background verification
  • Potentially fraudulent documents
  • The legitimacy of a company’s representative
  • The text of a court decision
  • The text of a law or certain article
  • A personal, legal and property register
  • A lawyer in a certain branch of law
  • A Notaries register or a notarized document

We are glad to help you with any international due diligence research with our access to up–to–date data banks and the ‘know-how’ of our international partners.

Find out about our services and contact us at ac@aclaw.com