Legalization Services

Dominican Republic legalization services of the highest standards is our main goal.

Our professionals provide the highest quality of attestation and legalization services in accordance with your in-country requirements.

In addition, our corporate, legal, private client and property law practices ‘know how’ and access to data banks enable us to obtain legal certifications on information concerning:

  • a companies register
  • the legitimacy of a company’s representative
  • the text of a court decision
  • the text of a law or certain article
  • a birth, death, marriage or divorce certificates
  • a personal, legal and property register
  • a lawyer in a certain branch of law
  • a notaries register or a notarized document
  • apostille services

We are glad to help you with our access to up–to–date companies, courts, legal, personal, lawyers and notaries data banks and the know-how of our international partners.

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