Legal Translation Services

When you are doing business in Dominican Republic you need to communicate in Spanish which is our official language. In some cases, official Spanish translations are mandatory.

International cases often require legal translation services in languages other than Spanish and we can offer you document translation and legal interpretation to English and other languages from our accredited legal translators and in particular among our lawyers.

Our legal translators work closely with lawyers in specialized areas such as banking, intellectual property, labour and employment, litigation, mergers and acquisitions & tax.

Our team of lawyers and legal translators have a broad understanding of legal terminology in English and Spanish and have extensive experience drafting legal and business documents for enterprises and organizations across the banking and finance, foreign investment, free zones, insurance, manufacturing, technology, real estate and tourism industries.

    We proofread translated documents, such as business and technical copies, and use proprietary processes and other software to ensure accuracy, consistency and compliance.

    Our Support Area in Legal Translation Services

    • Annual reports
    • Business documents
    • Commercial contracts
    • Complex documents
    • Annual Information forms
    • Legal notices & demands
    • Legal translation opinions
    • Management information
    • Marketing information
    • Settlement agreements
    • Technical documents
    • Web page & news content



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