Dominican Fast Divorce

The Dominican fast divorce (“Divorcio al Vapor” in Spanish) is the most effective, easy, relieving, and confidential way used by foreign nationals and Dominicans residents abroad to get a divorce.

The quick divorce in the Dominican Republic is a special mutual consent divorce which was established more than 45 years ago by Law 142, and which has helped many foreigners from all over the world regain their single status fast, hassle free and cost wise.

The benefits of filing your divorce in the Dominican Republic are many. It is said to be a 24 hour divorce since the appearing spouse may arrive to Santo Domingo the day before the hearing and leave after the hearing takes place (usually before noon).

However, it is very common for clients to prolong their stay to take a vacation, enjoy the beautiful beaches that the island has to offer and wonderful weather. Some will even plan to have their wedding celebration here, afterwards.

Ok, so back to the basics, we have already mentioned two of the legal requirements: (i) mutual consent of the spouses and (ii) appearance of one of the spouses at the Court hearing. The others being (iii) power of attorney of the spouse that will not be present at the hearing, (iv) agreement signed by both spouses regarding separation of assets, child custody and spousal support (if any), (v) Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate of children in common (if any). These documents shall be duly legalized and/or Apostilled in the country of issuance, so that they are valid in the DR, and shall be translated by a certified legal interpreter in the DR, if they are in a language other than Spanish.

Not to worry, our divorce attorneys will assist you in drafting and providing guidance to complete all documentation. They will be in charge of finalizing the proceedings that take place after the hearing and of delivering closed file to your designated address.

You will be assigned an experienced Dominican divorced attorney, fluent in English or French (if necessary), who works well with people, to be involved in your process from start to finish.

You will not be charged for overhead expenses or fancy offices, prizes, awards, membership associations or intermediaries. We work directly with the client for a flat fee based on their needs, as legal requirements are very specific and tasks limited. Please contact us for a quotation.


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