Business & Corporate

Arthur & Castillo’s attorneys specialize in Business & Corporate Law and can successfully advise clients their on their day- to- day operations.

We provide company formation and governance services, corporate compliance, advice on corporate finance alternatives including sale or purchase of assets, stock acquisitions and exchanges, corporate conversions, initial public offerings among others. The firm has participated in multiple corporate transactions involving the purchase and sale of corporate assets and the acquisition of regulated and operating business entities, mergers, spin offs and divestitures.

Our firm is specialized in the General Law of Business Corporations and Limited Liability Entities and their partners have often appeared as key speakers and authored relevant legal articles and journal publications covering the approval, amendments, implementation and current application of said Law.

Our ability to work as a team of experts in the different areas such as corporate, finance, tax and business law, allows us to analyze business registrations and corporate transactions in a broader sense, identifying risks and opportunities and implementing best practices.

Through our companies department, we provide a full range of services, including the incorporation of companies, registration of branches of foreign corporations in the Dominican Republic, provision of company registered office, and the maintenance of statutory books and records.

Our Support in Business & Corporate

  • Incorporation of limited liability companies
  • Establishment of foreign company branches
  • Transfer of business and assets
  • Shareholders agreements and joint ventures
  • Corporate Banking
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Corporate Conversions
  • Corporate Governance
  • Rights and duties of shareholders and directors
  • Loan agreements and securities
  • Corporate Services
  • Corporate Litigation

Company Incorporation

Our Firm offers a complete range of corporate structures and all related corporate and tax advisory, including offshore and Dominican company incorporation, foreign branch registration, and corporate restructuring services.

We provide company maintenance services to national companies, foreign company branches and subsidiaries of international business companies in order to maintain company good standing and ensure compliance with Dominican laws and regulations.

Our team of advisors have industry-specific focus and can help you choose among the different corporate structures and represent you with any  authorization processes required for achieving your business objectives.

  • Companies limited by shares
  • Foreign company branches
  • International business companies
  • Joint venture companies
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Corporate transfers

International Business

Our Firm assists international companies on the legal framework of rules and regulations applicable to international business relationships, from importing agents, franchising and commercial distribution contracts, E- commerce, customs detentions and licenses, and strategic business planning.

Our business counselors advise domestic and international corporations to ensure compliance with Dominican laws and regulations, adapt their global business strategy, protect their intellectual property and defend them in commercial litigation.

We represent corporate clients in the negotiation of contracts and management of relationships with their suppliers, agents and representatives, as well as assess the risks of management decisions.

Corporate Banking

Our Firm can assist with your Corporate Banking and Finance transactions.

We can advise in the structuring of credit facilities for acquisitions, registration and perfection of security and guarantees, chattel mortgages, collateralization and loan agreements, real estate mortgages, international financing and tax law, due diligence, trade financing and  project finance.

Our sophisticated and experienced professionals participate in acquisition financing transactions and in the development of financed projects in the Commercial, Energy, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Tourism and International Trade and Development sectors.

Corporate Compliance

Our Corporate Compliance practice group offers the highest standards corporate compliance services in the Dominican Republic.

Our corporate compliance services are provided to local and international companies and tailored to their specific needs to ensure a full compliance with Dominican and international laws and regulations.

  • Handling legal aspects of client market
  • Focusing on consumer protection law
  • Advising on day- to- day activities of client business
  • Advising on relationships with business partners and third parties
  • Assisting with offers of potential development opportunities
  • Working with local team to reach legally compliant business objectives
  • Addressing practical implications of business decisions
  • Anticipating future business legal needs, spotting legal issues
  • Applying and communicating legal knowledge
  • Translating legal considerations into concise business language
  • Providing legal advise and opinions
  • Interpreting legislation, rulings and regulations
  • Drafting all types of contracts

Corporate Governance

Our Firm provides a complete range of corporate governance legal services.

We provide boards and committees of national and international corporations advice to ensure compliance with Dominican corporate governance laws, best practices and practical considerations, help them assess the risks of management and board decisions and address governance issues as they arise in day-to-day management.  

Our team has experience with corporate governance policy reviews and implementation and has drafted effective corporate governance manuals for multinationals and corporate clients.

  • Board and committee advisory
  • Board and committee processes
  • Complying with corporate governance laws
  • Corporate investigations & reports
  • Director and officer liability issues
  • Enforcing corporate governance policies
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Related party transactions
  • Corporate governance litigation

Business Start Ups

Starting a business can be challenging.

Our Firm’s concentration in business law and international business related areas as well as our advisors experience as corporate legal and business counsel allows us to better assist you in the planning, executing, launching and growing new business projects and to help you meet your business’s objectives and needs.

  • Business advice
  • Due diligence
  • Business structuring
  • Corporate formation
  • Corporate finance
  • Labor & employment matters
  • Tax planning & consulting
  • Intellectual capital management
  • Corporate management advice


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