Our Support in Privacy & Data Protection

  • Privacy law
  • Personal data protection law
  • Personal information collected by professionals
  • Protection of personal information in the private sector
  • Privacy-related provisions in sector-specific privacy laws
  • Access to documents held by public bodies
  • Consumer credit reporting law
  • General data protection regulation
  • Constitutional privacy & data protection law

Our Dominican Information Technology Law practice team advises on Privacy & Data Protection matters. Dominican privacy and data protection law is ample and dispersed and having an experienced legal team with current and practical knowledge is a necessity to accurately assess privacy and data protection related risks.

Our professionals have a solid knowledge of technology trends and can offer comprehensive advice on your organization’s practices and compliance with privacy laws. We participate in international publications and are in constant contact with regulators and associations, following closely international trends. This insight allows us to provide practical, proactive advice today and a thorough understanding of the new directions that legal and regulatory developments may take tomorrow.


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