Tourism & Real Estate

Our Firm’s Tourism & Real Estate Practice can assist you when buying or selling Dominican tourism real estate property, doing title investigation, closings, transfers and registrations, leases, contract review and the preparation, registration and transfer of tourism real estate property sale documents.

Our real estate attorneys can assist with the intricacies of dealing with banks, project developers, sellers, trust companies and can help you seek financing, record and cancel real estate property mortgages used as as collateral for financing, land surveying processes, as well as in matters related to real estate property litigation.

The Firm also provides services in connection with Dominican Tourism Laws, reviewing tourism activity contracts, preparation of tourism business applications, establishment of tourism projects and the obtainment of tourism activity licenses and tax exemptions applicable to enterprises in most tourism areas of the country.

Our lawyers provide representation services for the purchase and the obtainment of tourism real estate property tax exemptions for tourism real estate investments, evaluation of tourism project development, registering tourism enterprises and establishing tax exempt real estate tourism projects in the Dominican Republic.

Our Support in Tourism & Real Estate

  • Real estate purchase sale
  • Property title investigation
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Real Estate Transfers
  • Leasing and tenancy matters
  • Real property registration
  • Condominium Law
  • Construction Law
  • Tourism property registration
  • Tourism Real Estate Projects
  • Real estate litigation

Real Estate Purchase Sale

Our Dominican real estate law practice group can assist you when buying real estate property, including purchase sales, closings, dispositions, registrations, transfers, leases, and the review, preparation and filing of tourism real estate property sale transaction documents.

Our real estate property attorneys provide trusted advice on tax planning, financing, construction and can help you record commercial real estate property mortgages as collateral for financing.

We specialize in real estate property acquisitions for the obtainment of tourism property tax exemptions and establishing real estate & tourism projects in the Dominican Republic.

  • Promise of Sale Contracts
  • Purchase Contract Review
  • Title & Owner Investigation
  • Real Estate Closing Agents
  • Real Estate Sales & Leases
  • Real Estate Transfers

Real Estate Investigation

Our Firm can assist you with real estate property investigation for potential commercial, industrial and tourism property purchases and financing.

Our Dominican real estate law practice group will perform property investigations to find out legal status, ownership and the existence of liens encumbrances and litigation.

We collaborate with real estate agents, brokers, valuators, surveyors and banks to prepare due diligence investigation reports, enable you to make independent and informed decisions on where and when to make your real estate property investments in the Dominican Republic.

  • Commercial Real Estate Investigation
  • Condominium Property Investigation
  • Real Estate Legal Status Investigation
  • Real Estate Litigation Investigation
  • Real Estate Tax Status Investigation
  • Tourism Real Estate Investigation

Tourism Licenses

The Firm provides services for obtaining tourism activity licenses and tourism law tax exemptions for projects and enterprises to operate in tourism areas of the Dominican Republic.

Our professionals assist in the evaluation of tourism enterprises plans and project development, investment and financing for meeting tourism law, environmental, foreign investment and tax incentives law criteria and requirements set by the Ministry of Tourism and other institutions.

  • Commercial Free Zones
  • Excursions
  • Gift Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Theme and Amusement parks
  • Timeshare Properties
  • Tourism Transportation
  • Travel & Tourism agencies

Tourism Real Estate Projects

Our Firm provides services to investors and developers to obtain tax exemptions for tourism real estate properties and tourism project development  in the Dominican Republic.

We can assist you with Dominican real estate commercial and tourism property project development, including the initial real estate property acquisition process and unit sales, transfers and leases.

Our professionals help you negotiate and prepare construction contracts, negotiate structure and finance real estate projects.

  • Property Acquisition Process
  • Construction Contracts
  • Confotur Law 158-01 Permits
  • Environmental Permits
  • Land Use Permits
  • Project Financing
  • Unit Sales, Transfers and Leases

Tourism Contracts

The Firm provides broad services in connection with Dominican Tourism Laws and drafting of tourism activity related contracts, such as services agreements, supply of equipment, leasing of machinery, purchase and import of special purpose vehicles and maritime vessels.

Our professionals assist by evaluating your proposed tourism business plan and advise on the path to follow to set in place tourism business contracts, including tourism related joint ventures, project construction, development and management, investments and financing for meeting tourism law tax incentives requirements.

  • Commercial space leases
  • Employment contracts
  • Equipment leasing contracts
  • Equipment purchase sale contracts
  • Hotel/Tourism space leases
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Real estate property leases
  • Time share contracts
  • Vehicle/boat/vessel purchase agreements

Tourism Enterprises

The Firm provides services in connection with establishing Dominican tourism business enterprises, preparing business set-up applications and obtaining business licenses.

Our professionals assist in evaluating the tourism business legal environment and advise on the legal compliance aspects of tourism law, consumer law, employment law, employer registration and service contracts necessary to operate and manage your business.

  • Business advice
  • Due diligence
  • Business structuring
  • Corporate formation
  • Corporate finance
  • Labor & employment matters
  • Tax planning & consulting
  • Intellectual capital management
  • Corporate management advice

Real Estate Financing

Our Firm can assist you with real estate property financing, investigation and reviewing foreign finance real estate purchase documents for compliance with local law.

We provide services to borrowers and lenders such as negotiating financial terms, addressing due diligence concerns and preparing all financing documents for projects and term financing.

Our professionals are experienced in negotiating investor and developer arrangements, recording real estate property mortgages and assisting in restructuring financial agreements.

  • Commercial Real Estate Financing
  • Real Estate Finance Contract Review
  • Real Estate Trust Financing
  • Condominium Construction Financing
  • Real Estate Mortgage Registration
  • Real Estate Mortgage Cancellation

Real Estate Litigation

Our Dominican Real Estate Litigation practice group provides representation in real estate disputes and litigation at every level of the Dominican court system, including construction contract breaches and damages claims.

Our skilled team of attorney’s provide precise and effective advise on a range of real estate-related disputes, including agreements of purchase and sale of real estate property and mortgages, title, construction and commercial lease disputes.

Our professionals use a highly strategic and flexible approach for assisting our clients to achieve their objectives. We carefully review your position and legal rights and can provide pre litigation opinions on your case in a realistic and straightforward way.

We also work with real estate agents and companies dealing with real estate and collaborate with you early on to create a strategy to resolve disputes and litigation.

  • Real Estate Purchase Disputes
  • Commercial Lease Disputes
  • Construction Contract Breaches
  • Real Estate Damages Claims
  • Real Estate Mortgage Disputes
  • Real Estate Transfer Oppositions


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