Dominican Investors & Retirees Visa

Individuals from any country may obtain a permanent residence in the Dominican Republic provided that they receive a monthly pension of at least UDS1,500 or rents (passive income) of at least USD2,000. Dominican permanent residence status is granted to retirees and rentiers that complete the request process. This special incentives Law program for rentiers and […]

Dominican Free Zones Installation Requirements

The Dominican Free Zones Council require the appointment of a Dominican law firm and legal representative to file and follow through with the following Installation Permit Requirements: Letter addressed to the Dominican Free Zones Council requesting authorization to operate under the Free Zones regime, as provided under Law 8-90 Installation request form for an Industrial […]

Dominican Aviation Law Tax Incentives

Dominican Law 57-23, creating a tax incentives regime for civil commercial aviation both national and international was enacted by the Dominican President on October 7, 2023. The purpose of Law 57-23 is to create a tax incentives regime to civil commercial aviation in the Dominican Republic, with the purpose of promoting and increasing the competitiveness […]

Import Agents and Distributors Law 173

Dominican Import Agents and Distributors Law 173 of 1966 establishes a dealer protection regime in the Dominican Republic. A foreign supplier of goods and services may choose to enter the Dominican market by selling his/her products through Dominican agents and distributors or representatives. The different channels of selling are subject to different legal frameworks. Contracts […]

Dominican Joint Ventures

Dominican Republic joint ventures are recognized by Law as business entities which are contractual in nature and called “joint participation” entities. They are considered as business entities as long as their purpose and scope of activities are commercial in nature. These entities are incorporated through a contract by which two or more persons who have […]

DR Immigration, residence and work visas

Dominican Republic Immigration, residence and work visas are subject to different legal requirements. Any foreigner that enters the Dominican Republic falling within the several Dominican immigration categories is considered a (temporary or permanent) “resident” or a “Non Resident”. Generally, a valid Passport and a Tourist Card which may be purchased upon arrival at the airport […]

Dominican Free Zones Salaries Increase 2023

The National Salary Committee of the Labor Ministry of the Dominican Republic, approved an increase of 20% to the Minimum Wage applicable to Dominican Free Zones employees on April 11, 2023, to the amount of Sixteen Thousand Two Dominican Pesos (DR$16,002.25, approx. 288 USD) effective from the first of May of 2023. The most relevant […]

ITBIS reimbursement or compensation to exporters

Exporters that, in the development of their productive process, reflect ITBIS balance in favor in their ITBIS tax returns, may obtain its reimbursement or compensation, provided that they comply with the requirements set forth in General Regulation 12-2022 of ITBIS Reimbursement of Compensation for Exporters, issued by the Tax Administration (DGII) on October 18th of […]

Reembolso o compensacion de ITBIS a exportadores

Los exportadores que, en el desarrollo de su proceso productivo, reflejen saldos a favor en su declaración de ITBIS, podrán obtener el reembolso o compensación del dicho ITBIS, siempre que cumplan con los requisitos establecidos en la Norma General 12-2022 sobre el Reembolso o Compensación del ITBIS para Exportadores, emitida el 18 de octubre del […]

DR Investment Tax Incentives

Dominican Exports Promotion Law 84-99 provides for certain incentives, such as the reimbursement of taxes and customs duties paid by the exporters for raw materials, components, intermediate goods, labels, containers and packing material, if those are incorporated to export goods or returned abroad in the same condition that they entered the Territory. The Law also […]