Dominican E- Commerce Law Customs Procedures

Resolution 025-11 of May 26th of 2011 approving the Norm for the Application of the Electronic Commerce Law 126-02 to Dominican Customs Procedures, establishes the following provisions:

  1. Scope. The Resolution 025-11 regulates the use of digital documents and data messages and the issuing in the customs procedures established un the Law in relation to the Users of the Customs Services with the DGA
  2. Functional Equivalence of Digital Documents and Data Messages. Digital documents and data messages will have a functional equivalence of their corresponding paper documents and messages issued or submitted under the customs norms, provided that the requirements established under such Norm are met.
  3. Integrated Customs Management System (SIGA). Establishes the traits, access conditions and notifications related to SIGA, obligations and responsibilities of the senders and receivers of digital documents or data messages in such System and the treatment to be provided to the information presented or submitted this way to the DGA.
  4. Electronic Payment. Provides for the possibility of making electronic payments or amounts that must be paid to the DGA through digital documents or data messages, making use for that purposes of the electronic payment mechanisms enabled by the DGA via Resolution.
  5. Anticipated Presentation of Documents. Provides for the possibility that Users or Personnel linked to the Customs Activities can present digital documents or data messages to the DGA in an anticipated manner to the expected date of entry or exit of the merchandises to/from the Dominican territory for the purposes of complying with the requirements for the import, transit or export of merchandises to/ from the Dominican Territory.

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