Dominican Free Zones Minimum Wage 2022

The National Salary Committee of the Labor Ministry of the Dominican Republic, approved an increase of 21% to the Minimum Wage applicable to Dominican Free Zones employees on December 2nd, 2021, for the amount of Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred Fifteen Dominican Pesos (DR$13,915.00, approx. 243 USD) effective from the first of January of 2022.

The most relevant provisions of Resolution No.3-2021 include:

(i) Fixing the minimum wage of industrial free zone employees in RD$$13,915.00.00 (approx. 243 USD).

(ii)   Calculation of the minimum wage of a partial time employee should be made by dividing said salary between 23.83, and dividing the result thereof between 8.

(iii)  Part time work is understood as rendering services that does not exceed 29 hours a week, and in no case being able to work above that limit or provided services in extra hours of work.

(iv) Payment of trainees’ minimum wage should be made pursuant to the provisions of the Labor Code, and based in the training hours of the business where services are rendered.

(v)  Employees with a salary higher than the minimum shall not enjoy increases thereto, unless the parties agree otherwise.

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