Dominican Regulation Improvement Decree 258-18

On July 11, 2018 the Dominican Republic Executive issued decrees 258-18, 259-18 and 260-18 for the purpose of making more efficient some government procedures and optimizing the country’s institutional regulatory scheme.

Decree 258-18 begins the first stage of the National Regulatory Improvement Plan.

Among the main objectives of Decree 258-18 of Regulatory Improvement is to calculate the effects of bureaucracy on economic growth, make Government an ally of the economic sectors of the country, eliminate unnecessary costs, create an inventory of all regulations in force in the different areas of the economy, such as agricultural production, industry, banking, commerce, tourism, construction, social security, transportation, mining, free trade zones and the legislative and administrative regulations affecting the generation of jobs.

To achieve this, the Decree provides for the quantification and analysis of the various costs associated with the regulations in force in the Dominican Republic.

For this purpose, government entities must issue the list of regulations related to their competencies issued by Executive Decree or by themselves. This list will be sent to the National Competitiveness Council (CNC) -institution responsible for the implementation of the Decree, to create a Registry of Administrative Regulations.

The Registry of Administrative Regulations of the Dominican Republic, will be digital and will have the current administrative regulations by type of regulation, institution and economic sector to monitor and analyze the regulatory flows in time.

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