Compliance Services

Our Corporate Compliance practice group offers the highest standards corporate compliance services in the Dominican Republic.

Our corporate compliance services are provided to local and international companies and tailored to their specific needs to ensure a full compliance with Dominican and international laws and regulations.

Our Support Area in Compliance Services

  • Handling legal aspects of client market
  • Focusing on consumer protection law
  • Advising on day- to- day activities of client business
  • Advising on relationships with business partners and third parties
  • Assisting with offers of potential development opportunities
  • Working with local team to reach legally compliant business objectives
  • Addressing practical implications of business decisions
  • Anticipating future business legal needs, spotting legal issues
  • Applying and communicating legal knowledge
  • Translating legal considerations into concise business language
  • Providing legal advise and opinions
  • Interpreting legislation,¬†rulings and regulations
  • Drafting all types of contracts

Compliance Services

              For information about our services please contact us at [email protected]