Insolvency & Restructuring

Our firm can assist you if your business company, or a local or international company you do significant business with, is facing insolvency.

Our professionals can provide timely and effective advice on Dominican insolvency and restructuring laws and how to protect your interests and minimize your risks.

When faced with competing priorities, claims and obligations due to insolvency, our team of insolvency and restructuring lawyers will act quickly to protect you and design a strategy to address your situation, including out of court restructurings, loan amendments, inter-creditor and forbearance arrangements.

When faced with financial or operational restructurings arising from formal restructuring or recognition proceedings under the Dominican Commercial Restructuring Law, we can advise on matters such as asset and business sales, acquisitions, pre-packaged plans, among others.

Some of our lawyers are certified insolvency and restructuring conciliators, negotiators and liquidators by the DR Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

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