Our Support Area in Tourism & Entertainment

The Firm provides services in connection with Dominican Tourism & Entertainment Law.

In the Tourism Law side, we assist with the review of tourism & real estate contracts, preparation of tourism business applications, establishment of tourism projects and the obtainment of tourism activity licenses and tax exemptions applicable to tourism business enterprises.

Our lawyers assist in the evaluation of Tourism project development, investment and financing for meeting foreign investment and tax incentives law criteria and requirements.

On the Entertainment Law side, the strategic location of the Dominican Republic in the heart of the Caribbean, its wonderful weather, exotic and diverse natural scenery, studio locations and filming facilities, and a variety of tax incentives for local and foreign feature films and audiovisual works, make a great combination for a cinema production destination.

Our attorneys may assist you with registrations and permits; co-production, lease, transfer, distribution and services agreements, compliance and analysis for the proper and timely benefit of tax credits and incentives.


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