Dominican Customs Declaration

Dominican Customs Electronic Declarations are governed under Norm 01-12 of March 28, 2012, the Dominican Customs Administration (DGA) for the purpose that customs operators and other users transmit by electronic means the information related to the actions made in connection to their customs processes and operations.

Pursuant to the Norm, the customs declaration constitutes the free manifest of the will through which the consignor, consignee, importer, exporter or its representative, using the digital documents or data messages, furnishes the information required by the DGA for subjecting the goods to a determined customs regime.

The Norm establishes that with this declaration the customs destination will be formalized, which consists in expressing freely and voluntarily the customs régime, to which the goods will be subjected to.

The presentation of the Customs Electronic Declaration shall be accompanied with other documents such as the commercial invoice, original physical and electronic transportation documents, bill of lading, and consignment note.


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