Dominican Aviation Law Tax Incentives

Dominican Law 57-23, creating a tax incentives regime for civil commercial aviation both national and international was enacted by the Dominican President on October 7, 2023. The purpose of Law 57-23 is to create a tax incentives regime to civil commercial aviation in the Dominican Republic, with the purpose of promoting and increasing the competitiveness […]

Buying Dominican Real Estate (2024)

Buying Dominican Real Estate requires a qualified and experienced lawyer to identify seller and property red flags and overcome legal process hurdles successfully. Persons wishing to buy, sell, convey or transfer Dominican real estate property should note that Dominican real estate operations are governed by Dominican Real Estate Property Registration Law No. 108-05 of 2005 […]

Do I register my prenup in Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a very popular wedding destination in the Caribbean with wide resort offerings facing spectacular white sand beaches. Prenuptial agreements are commonly used by spouses seeking to keep their finances and debt separate, establish property rights and its distribution, protect family estate and planning and avoid long and expensive court proceedings in […]

Import Agents and Distributors Law 173

Dominican Import Agents and Distributors Law 173 of 1966 establishes a dealer protection regime in the Dominican Republic. A foreign supplier of goods and services may choose to enter the Dominican market by selling his/her products through Dominican agents and distributors or representatives. The different channels of selling are subject to different legal frameworks. Contracts […]