Certificates Services

Our Firm provides additional services which may be independent or used to complement other services.

Some cases or personal matters often require Certificates such as Birth, Marriage, Divorce or Death Certificate; or Legalization or Apostille Services where certain documents originating from the Dominican Republic for validity abroad need the assistance of colleagues with special expertise. In such cases, we cooperate with competent partners from the respective areas.

For example, we perform Identity (ID) Verification services for verifying an individual persons’ identity.

Also, we may do Due Diligence services if you need information concerning: a companies’ register, the legitimacy of a company’s representative, a personal, legal and property register.

Finally, international cases might require Translation Services in languages other than Spanish and we provide document translation and legal interpretation to the English language from our accredited legal translators.



              For information about our services please contact us at [email protected]