Our Clients and Business Associates include:

Entrepreneurs: Innovative people that wish to start a new business and choose to take advantage of Dominican Republic investment tax incentives and opportunities and need expert business, investment and tax advisors.

Small and Medium Enterprises: Enterprises aiming to expand their businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean, and need presence in the Dominican Republic and an external legal department to help them set up business and assist with their legal matters.

Intermediaries: Law firms and companies in different cities and countries that trust us to assist them with their most trusted clients’ matters, from a Dominican legal perspective.

Multinational Companies: Companies with a presence in different parts of the world that choose to invest in the Dominican Republic and decide to incorporate, register an office or seek out new business and need a trustworthy local counsel and full legal support.

Trading companies: Clients dedicated to the purchase, sale, import and export of goods and and services on a global scale, that wish to prepare their business transactions and need legal representation to conduct international commercial agency and distribution agreements.

Foreign Individuals: People who work as employees of foreign based companies doing business in the Dominican Republic, retirees or  expatriates living in DR, and turn to our general services, representation and advice on a broad number of private client services.



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