Our attorneys may provide additional services which may be independent or used to complement our general law practice and our specialized services.

For example, international cases often require translation services in languages other than Spanish and we can offer you document translation and legal interpretation to the English language from our accredited legal translators and in particular among our lawyers.

Also, large-scale cases or projects often require to cooperate in project teams where colleagues with special expertise work together in case or project teams. In such cases, we cooperate as local counsel with competent partners from the respective areas.

Smaller and medium-sized companies and local branches often do not have their own legal departments, and our firm can serve as your external legal department, where our primary aim is to react immediately with proposals on how to solve your legal problems and to prepare you for purposes of contract negotiations.

Finally, we may do due diligence research for optimal solutions quickly if you need information concerning: a companies’ register, the legitimacy of a company’s representative, a personal, legal and property register.

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