Private Client Services

It is vital to form the correct relationships with the correct people, not only in our personal lives, but also in relation to the obtainment of private client professional legal counseling.

At Arthur & Castillo we care for the best interests, the confidentiality and tranquility of our clients through personalized attention and discretion in the handling of their private client matters.

We explore estate planning alternatives for the organization, acquisition or transmission of individual and family assets and estate & trust administration. Through strategic planning, we develop client’s personal goals in a tax efficient manner.

Our Firm can help you prepare your private wealth matters in a way that your decisions, money and property are properly set up to avoid unnecessary taxes and waiting periods.

Our expertise includes estate planning on real estate assets and large business operating in the Dominican Republic for clients looking to ensure certain level of control, protection, endurance, administration or transfer of their estate.

Our private wealth planning services also encompass legal advice on marital regimes and marriage laws, prenuptial agreements, legal advice when considering or anticipating a divorce, separation agreements, divorce settlements, trusts, probate, wills, inheritance law, charitable giving, preparing contracts and legal documents.


Private Client

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